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Join the dynamic team at Summit Service Solutions, where we’re passionate about empowering those who’ve served. Our goal is to help Transitioning Military Personnel, National Guard and Reserve Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses transition into rewarding careers in the Skilled Trades sector.

Appreciation and Opportunity

Our team at Summit Service Solutions deeply values the unique qualities and experiences that veterans bring to the Skilled Trades. With a significant number of our team members being proud military veterans, we are enthusiastically committed to hiring and supporting veterans in our workforce.

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Commitment to Our Active Duty Members

We are honored to include numerous former service members in our team and recognize the commitment of our active military employees and their families. To support this dedication, Summit Service Solutions ensures that National Guard and Reserve members receive full pay for up to 10 days during Annual Training. Additionally, we offer financial assistance with Reserve Select TriCare to further support our team members serving in the military reserves.

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